Human #1 Mr. Watson

It has taken me a very long time to collect my time and thoughts into exactly what I want to do with this blog.  It was first meant to be a letter from me to you, the wide world.  However, I have combined this objective with another dream of mine: to interview various remarkable and beautifully ordinary humans.  I want to showcase people who are uniquely different with stories that bind us together in a united purpose to live and to love.

I started this endeavor a few years ago while I was student teaching and preparing to step out into the real world.  The moment I met Mr. Watson, better know as “Santa Claus” by the students, I knew he would be my first interview.  Every conversation with him consisted of detailed history lessons, clever puns, and an ever appropriate jolliness.  To top it all off, he often wore a genuine kilt to school to proudly demonstrate his Scottish heritage.

In these interviews, I ask various questions and allow them to choose which to answer: What is your favorite childhood memory?  Who inspired you most?  What do you feel is our purpose here?  Do you believe in a God?  What did you always want to become?  Do you believe in miracles and has one ever happened?  What was your greatest accomplishment so far?  Who do you love most?

I tell the people that the most important question to answer is: If you could leave one message with the entire world, what would that be?  

Below, is my first Human, Mr. Watson:




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